​Let the compassion out. Let the hate in. Let the boys die fighting in a war that is not their own. Let the girls cry, let the mothers morn.Condem open mindedness.Persecute everyone but your own kind. Don’t care about your actions. Pervert the course of justice. Kill the thinkers. Stomp and burn the right to be different. Accept barbaric acts as patriotism. Protect the rich and powerful.  Cuddle the ignorant and lazy. Encourage hate of anyone who’s not your colour. Destroy the concept of humanity.That is the modern way

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A Day 

​Pressure surrounds me like a blanket,feels like sometimes im wrapped up so tight its hard to breathe, Woe is me. I can not see, who is he?Apart of me? Its so dark i cant see my hand in front of me, outlook is bleak, I’ve lost my heat, Frozen feet and I sleep. Purgatory, there is no gory, no heroic story, no wishes granted, no feeling, im trapped…. why can’t I pull myself back on track? Hitting the dirt road, what’s smooth sailing? Fuck should I know? I’ve been slowing dying on stormy seas. Inflicted with this disease that has forced me onto these dark seas….  Yet there is the light forever growing inside of me, it will ever die! It guides me, when it shines bright , and all is glory, hunky dorey, smiling images of my face, just silently loving my day, these are the times I wish so much they would stay, but hey! without the rain, you would never see the beauty of a clear blue day.

Illuminated Darkness 

​Windows open up

Peak inside the room
View this darkness
See the things that are close enough to touch
When does it become enough?
How am I meant to get there?
I don’t know?but I know I won’t be alone
But I am
The dreams don’t make sense anymore
Beige coloured glassed on
Everything so mediocre
Air so dull it near chokes you
No colour
No cause
No more fighting
I’ve lost
I surrender
Why the fuck did I think I could be a contender
Bottom of the barrel shit
I just want to quit
Slowly floating away
Never to be found
Space bound
Yet I stay
I can’t throw it away!
Conflicting questions fill up the hours
Days, weeks, months
A constant battle
Tears hidden behind that smile on the clown
He slowly drowns
I don’t know how
How to return to the happiest boy in town
Just turn this big ass froun upside-down
Scrap these belligerent thoughts
See the vetanary
Wrong spieces
Fuck it, just glue back my pieces
Infect me with the cure and revive me with the disease
I’ll finally be at ease
Resting head, far from dead
Just sittin here realising all this shit is just in my head
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My scars 

​31st of December 2016

I visualise this year as a healing wound, and as the minutes pass by coming to the end another scar forms. A reminder of all the good times that should have been bad and the bad that should have been good. A permanent fixture on my body that I will carry with me until the day I die. This is not a bad thing by any means, I love my scars, I love knowing deep down I’m a fighter and I think that’s all you need to do in this life, fight. Take any boxer,MMA fighter…etc they will give every ounce of energy both physical and mental, they may lose, but they get up. When everyone leaves they are not still painted onto the canvas, they rise and fight another day because it doesn’t stop, so why should you. Take every day as it comes, relax because the problems in your mind are not your problems, they are simply hypothetical situations that you perdit will happen. They are nonsensical you can’t see the future so why try map your road out when you don’t know where your going.
Life is a waste of time, time is a waste of life, get wasted all the time, and you will have the time of your life.
Peace and love

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 I am my own worst enemy, a stream of self doubt and criticism. I am the grinding stone, my thoughts are blunt and in some respects, useless until sharpened. With shaved and sharpened thoughts I try to improve every day, I remember that all i can and ever will be able to do is control the present. That my problems are not actually my problems and I need to cut myself some fucking slack! 

​Hate. That word has so much force behind it Luke Skywalker would be jealous. It gets to the very core, it consumes and destroys everything and leaves nothing behind. Why? Why does this hate seem to be consuming the world. We have come to a unique place in time, think about it? I am writing this on a hand held electronic device that also acts as a mobile phone, computer,camera, video recorder, GPS..etc never before have we had such an “easy” way of life,we have developed a means to connect the planet, for fuck sake we can made water from air and electricity from the sun! Humans have come so far and I think we are just getting started, but the obvious elephant in the room is hate. Threw all our achievements we have watched the world slowly die, the hatred of people is rotting the very planet which we live. The wars of the rich and powerful lay waste to city’s, innocent men,women and children are being murdered,disguised as casualties of war,wars which in essence should never have begun in the first place. We watch on. Some conform to the agenda, others have a “twisted view”while some are just to watch the world burn.Thinking all of this I’ve kinda come to my own conclusion.Naturally as time goes on we evolve, we adjust ourselfs to the environment and develop. We become more intelligent, opinions change, views shift. There are billions of people on this planet.. differnt colours, different sizes, this is OUR home. And I know, people are assholes! Worse in large numbers! Some will sicken you to the core others will just bug you, but surely we can develop a better world than this, a better reaction to the things that we don’t agree with.Be happy for what you got, stop feeding into the bullshit,focus on your life on this planet and what you can do to make it that small bit better for others, no matter what colour, shape or size they are! We are the same animal with diffeent fur, and are always stronger together.Only when the cycle of hate is broken can humanity’s wounds be healed. One love, peace ✌